Polish Smoked Sausage – Polish Sausage Company

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Polish Smoked Sausage – Polish Sausage Company

The Polish Sausage Company is located in Lyall Bay. They make a great lightly smoked Polish sausage. These are big chunky sausages. They are definitely on the larger size. These sausages are coarsely ground pork. No fillers or additional fat are added when making these sausages. You are eating quality pork, with the flavours of garlic and a slight hint of marjoram added to the meat. The sausages are lightly smoked. A great sausage.

I first barbecued these at Christmas and I have served them at a number of barbecues over the summer. They were popular with the all the meat eaters present, They are a big chunky sausage, and some of the delicate eaters at the barbecue did not want this much of a sausage. They are very similar to the kolbaz that was made by Park Avenue Quality Meats, who unfortunately no longer operate.

At one barbecue I also cooked up a eye fillet of beef, the sausages and the eye fillet were both fine examples of meat.

If you are looking for a quality sausage then my new favourite sausage shop in Lyall Bay. The Polish Sausage Company is the place to go.

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