I am a carnivore loving eater of meat. In particular I am very fond of sausages. This blog will give my views on sausages. I am based in Wellington, New Zealand. This blog will be Wellington centric, and the sausages reviewed will reflect this.


Latest Reviews

Sausages from Bath

Sausages from Bath    We traveled to Bath. The beautiful Georgian buildings were impressive to observe. However where were the sausages? We arrived at the highly recommended Bartlett and Sons at 3pm on... READ MORE

Frankfurter in Frankfurt

Frankfurter in Frankfurt We arrived in Frankfurt after a 12 hour flight from Singapore. When in Frankfurt what do you eat? A frankfurter of course. I found this stall in the airport as... READ MORE

Putien in Singapore

Putien in Singapore   While meandering around Singapore we come across a Chinese restaurant that advertised for the second consecutive year, they had been awarded a Michelin star. called Putien. We were peckish... READ MORE

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