Kabonosy – Polish Sausage Company

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Kabanosy – Polish Sausage Company

If you are looking for a sausage that all the punters will enjoy, you can not go past the Polish Sausage Company’s kabanosy. These are thin medium grind pork sausages that will delight all. Over the summer I have served these on Christmas Day, and at a number of barbecues. The consistent feedback I get is, these are great sausages. They are smoked with a mixture of oak and and manuka. The kabanosy are then hung to dry for a few days. There is a gentle smoked flavour and the pork meat flavour is front and present. Yum, yum.

Kabanosy on the barbecue

At one barbecue lunch I cooked up lots of kabanosy, with adolescents present, the food was popular, and disappeared quickly. They loved the kabanosy. Also served was some cold slow cooked lamb left over from Christmas, there was debate about the best kai. The short answer is both the lamb and kabanosy were superb.

If you are looking for Wellington’s most popular sausage, I contend this will be the favourite for many. Gordon Wood formerly of Park Avenue Quality Meats, used to make a comparable product. Alas, he has moved on. However, the great news is, travel to Lyall Bay and pick up some of these little beauties, you will not be disappointed.

Kabanosy in the kai bastet with veges at the marae

At the beginning of the school year, we spent two days at Maraeroa Marae. I took some kabanosy along and added these to the hangi, that was cooked in a kai cooker. The overwhelming response from other colleagues was very positive.

A delicious summer salad

And – this is a salad I made for a barbecue. Simple and appealing. Char grilled nectarines, raspberries, a variety of tomatoes, mint and extra virgin olive oil. Easy and simple to make, delicious to eat.

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