Spinach and Pine Nut Sausage

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Spinach and Pine Nut Sausage

As we chase the glorious summer weather, we find ourselves in Raglan for our third successive January. Unfortunately the weather gods appear to be on holiday too – and their holiday destination isn’t Raglan…. The hot sunny weather, coupled with a great swell at the beach appears to be eluding us during the first few days of the holiday.

Thankfully there are some constants in the holiday, the town of Raglan still has a first class butcher’s shop. I went to check out Top Cut Butchers towards the sea end of Bow St. In previous years I have been impressed by the quality of snarlers made in this shop. They are a very good kiwi butcher who makes a broad range of sausages that appeal to the general populace.


For our first sampling I purchased some spinach and pine nut sausages, along with a couple of pieces of eye fillet. These sausages are finely ground and the spinach can be seen in the many flecks of green in the sausage meat. The pine nuts are ground and mixed in with the meat. I would describe this sausage as a very good snarler. The primary flavour is of a beef snarler, with a whisper of spinach and pine nut. If I was making this I would have a different balance of flavours, with a greater level of spinach. I would also roughly chop the pine nuts so that the texture and crunch of the pine nuts were present in the snarler. This does not mean that this is a low quality sausage, it is all about how I prefer the have my snarlers.

We ate the spinach and pine nut sausage with the eye fillet and a green salad. Simple fare that makes you enjoy being on holiday. I will look forward to sampling more snarlers from Top Cut Butchers.


And now I am off to check out the surf……… Happy days.

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