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Variety is the spice of life, so for the second night in row we ate sausages. This time roast chicken chipolatas from L’Authentique and naturally I had high expectations when I cooked up these snarlers. As L’Authentique as say on their website, they bring a tradition of charcuterie and hand crafted quality free range meat to all they create. They do not use fillers, preservatives, nitrates or artificial flavours. All sausages made by L’Authentique are gluten free.

In contrast with the previous review, these are a bold chicken sausage. Chicken is the dominant flavour, which is supplemented with hints of lemon and garlic. These will be very appealing to the masses.

Another great product from L’Authentique which we will be eating again. I purchased these from New World Thorndon in Wellington. In the previous post you can see links to other reviews of L’Authentique sausages.

I did make an error in omitting to photograph the finished product. The delectable sausages were served with oven cooked capsicum, portobello mushrooms, and  blanched green beans. Yum yum!

Don Stevens http://www.donstevens.co.nz <![CDATA[Chicken and Capsicum  – L’Authentique]]> http://donstevens.co.nz/?p=5793 2018-10-14T02:42:33Z 2018-10-14T02:34:12Z Continued]]> Chicken and Capsicum  – L’Authentique

The next few reviews will focus on sausages by L’Authentique. I have reviewed a number of L’Authentique in the past. They make superior, great tasting sausages so I had high expectations of these snarlers. As L’Authentique as say on their website, they bring a tradition of charcuterie and hand crafted quality free range meat to all they create. They do not use fillers, preservatives, nitrates or artificial flavours. All sausages made by L’Authentique are gluten free.

The chicken and capsicum sausages are highly flavoured with capsicum, paprika and vinegar. The chicken is free range. The balance of flavour means that paprika is the slightly dominant flavour with capsicum and chicken being the secondary flavours. I suspect that chicken thighs are used as the dominant chicken meat. This means the most flavoursome part of the chicken is used, enhancing the great chicken flavour.

These sausages easily meet my criteria for a great chicken sausage – it tastes like chicken. Disappointingly there are many, many chicken sausages that do not meet this simple criteria.

L’Authentique make very good sausages. They are not the cheapest, however the quality and flavour mean they are great value for money and I recommend you buy a packet and try them out. I brought mine from New World Thorndon, in Wellington.

For links to other reviews of fine L’Authentique sausages see here, here and here.

Don Stevens http://www.donstevens.co.nz <![CDATA[Argentinian Duck Chorizo Sausages]]> http://donstevens.co.nz/?p=5788 2018-10-12T02:56:09Z 2018-10-12T02:54:35Z Continued]]> Argentinian Duck Chorizo Sausages

It’s always a happy day when I am at Park Avenue Quality Meats and spot a new sausage in the cabinet. It was an Argentinian duck chorizo, which of course immediately due my attention. I asked Gordon, the butcher, about the sausage and he descried it is very similar to the chorizo criollo they make, which is one of my favourite sausages. The sausage is made from 50% duck and 50% pork.

Oregano, fennel, garlic and hot paprika are added to the duck and pork meat. By comparison the chorizo criollo recipe uses regular paprika. The stronger flavour of the paprika is contrasted by the smoother flavour of the duck meat.

Naturally I brought some of the Argentinian duck chorizo and cooked it for dinner. The flesh of the duck is creamier than the usual meat and makes for a softer and creamier flavour on the palate. Both my wife and I thought this was great tasting sausage. Served with roast capsicum and potatoes, with green beans – it was a delicious meal.

Cost per kilo: $44.95

Don Stevens http://www.donstevens.co.nz <![CDATA[Judging at the Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition]]> http://donstevens.co.nz/?p=5776 2018-09-30T03:01:08Z 2018-09-30T01:31:13Z Continued]]> Judging at the Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition

This week I spent two days in Auckland judging at the Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition. It was taste buds, the olfactory sense and mandibles to the fore as eight tables of judges worked their way through nearly 500 sausages in fourteen different categories. Each table had a butcher and two foodie judges. The butcher judged the technical aspects of the sausage, while the foodie judges had to assess the appearance and taste of each sausage.

The discussion at the table on the merits of each sausage was robust and enlightening. Our table judged beef and a new category this year, innovation. In the innovation category there were a wide range of entries. These sausages included fat free, vegetarian, vegan, allergy free, preservative free and more.


The judging is completed blind, the title of the sausage is displayed on the marking sheet, and any maker’s notes, however all branding, labels and identifying marks are removed prior to cooking and judging.

In two weeks the winners will be announced. Having spent two days sampling some great sausages I look forward to seeing which sausages will be announced as medal winners, and of course the coveted supreme award.

I will report the much anticipated outcome in a two weeks.

Don Stevens http://www.donstevens.co.nz <![CDATA[Cavapcici Sausages – Park Avenue Quality Meats]]> http://donstevens.co.nz/?p=5771 2018-09-23T03:43:44Z 2018-09-23T03:43:44Z Continued]]> Cavapcici Sausages – Park Avenue Quality Meats

I was recently at my regular haunt, Park Avenue Quality Meats, and spied sausages I had not seen before – cavapcici sausages. They are a skinless sausage from Serbia. I enjoy a skinless sausage, so I bought some cavapcici to sample at home. In Serbia the cavapcici are often served with pita bread.

A combination of the beef and pork are mixed with garlic, paprika, salt and pepper. Lacking a skin means that skinless sausages such as cavapcici are what you see, a simple meat sausage with spices to enhance the flavour. There is no room for binders, fillers or mixtures to bulk out the sausage.

Unsurprisingly these proved to be another quality product from Park Ave Quality Meats. Gordon and team ensure that there is always a wide range of top notch sausages being produced from this shop. It continues to be my favourite butcher’s shop in Wellington. Don’t miss it if you are visiting Wellington.

Don Stevens http://www.donstevens.co.nz <![CDATA[Ngā tōtiti kabonosy]]> http://donstevens.co.nz/?p=5765 2018-09-10T05:48:27Z 2018-09-10T05:45:56Z Continued]]> Ngā tōtiti kabonosy 

I haere au ki toa Park Avenue Quality Meats.

I hoko au nga tōtiti.

I hoko au ngā tōtiti kabonosy.

I tūhi au mō te tōtiti kabonosy.

He kau he poaka ki roto ngā tōtiti kabonosy.

Ka kai i te tōtiti kabonosy, ka rongo i te mīti me te auahi.

Ka rata ngā tangata i te tōtiti kabonosy.

Kainga ngā tōtiti kabonosy tērā pea ka pai ngā tōtiti kia a koe.

Ngā tōtiti kabonosy

Fifty percent of the readers of this blog, come from countries other than New Zealand.

This week in New Zealand it is Māori Language Week. An English translation of the post is below for those who are working on building their use of the reo.

I went to Park Ave Quality Meats.

I bought some sausages.

I bought some kabonosy sausages

I have written about kabonosy.

Beef and pork go into kabonosy sausages.

When you eat kabonosy sausages you taste meat and smoke.

People will love kabonosy suasages

Eat these sausages perhaps you will like them.


Don Stevens http://www.donstevens.co.nz <![CDATA[Pork, Truffle and Parmesan Sausages]]> http://donstevens.co.nz/?p=5759 2018-09-07T07:22:52Z 2018-09-07T07:22:52Z Continued]]> Pork, Truffle and Parmesan Sausages

As part of the trip to Southland, we were in New World in Gore. I saw these sausages for sale decided to buy them. They were made at New World in Gore. The snarlers came back to Wellington and were eaten as part of an evening.

The pork, truffle and parmesan sausages are finely ground. Pork is dominant flavour, this sweetness is complemented by the earthy subdued flavour of truffle. I struggled to detect parmesan in the sausage. These sausages were developed to satisfy the palates of the masses, which frequent New World in Gore. A standard pork sausage with a slight hint of truffle, and no flavour of parmesan. An ok sausage, but from my perspective it failed to reach great heights.

Cost per kilo: $17.99

Don Stevens http://www.donstevens.co.nz <![CDATA[Andouille Sausage – Eastbourne Village Butchery.]]> http://donstevens.co.nz/?p=5753 2018-09-02T07:53:09Z 2018-09-02T07:53:09Z Continued]]> Andouille Sausage – Eastbourne Village Butchery.

In a previous post I was in Eastbourne and at the same time I purchased some andouille sausages. Andouille sausage originates in France and is a pork sausage. It has also become part of Louisiana Cajun and Creole cuisine – spicy hot flavours accompanied by smoke. This ticks all the boxes for me. In the andouille sausage there are elements of spice, garlic, pepper and cayenne. It is a coarsely ground sausage.

I cooked up these sausages as part of the cold mid winter’s meal. My son and I sampled a few morsels and enjoyed the taste and I also added this to a fish pie I made. This was an error. The fish pie consisted of warehou fillets, cauliflower, and a light blue cheese sauce topped by breadcrumbs. The andouille sausage did not really go well with this dish. Chef please take note, you mucked this one up.

Despite the odd mix up of flavours in the fish pie, the andouille sausage for Eastbourne Village Butchery is a very nice sausage. It has layers of smoke and spice and while it did not work in the fish pie I made, this does not mean that it is not a quality sausage. It is guten free, and I will eagerly purchase these again.

My favourite from this butcher’s shop are their Louisiana Reds. I do not go to Eastbourne very often and more often than not, they have none in stock, however if they are in the display cabinet, this is a must buy snarler.


Price per kilo: $22.50

Don Stevens http://www.donstevens.co.nz <![CDATA[Cured and Smoked – Pickle and Pie]]> http://donstevens.co.nz/?p=5742 2018-08-26T08:53:20Z 2018-08-26T08:44:11Z Continued]]> Cured and Smoked – Pickle and Pie

As part of Wellington on a Plate, we went to Pickle and Pie for a meal called Cured and Smoked. Pickle and Pie is a Wellington take on a New York delicatessen serving deli classics like pastrami sandwiches, matzo and of course pickles and pies. For this event Pickle and Pie cranked up the pit smoked barbecue to create some deli classics with the focus firmly on meat. When we arrived the barbecue was smoking away outside the deli. We learnt later in the evening that they started the barbecue at six in the morning and the meat had been slowly smoking and cooking since then.

The pit smoker outside Pickle and Pie

There were a selection of dishes served throughout the enjoyable evening. The first dish was smoked jack mackerel with dill and capers on a toasted bread. This was a very nice appetiser, the jack maceral had been smoked for an hour. The temperature for all the smoked dishes was 1200C.

The next dish was a pastrami sandwich. The pastrami is smoked by Waikanae Butchers. The deli goes through eighty kilos of pastrami a week. Being an inner city deli they cannot smoke on site. However they are able to use the portable pit smoker outside for special events. The pastrami sandwich had coriander and black pepper added to flavour this delectable dish. If you do visit Pickle and Pie I recommend you try this this sandwich.

The next appetiser served was a small venison, bacon and red wine pie. The venison was wild venison from Fiordland, onion and tomato relish were added to these delicious pies.

Venison, bacon and red wine pies

We then sat down and were served lamb shoulder that had been in the smoker all day. It was served on a crumpet. The lamb shoulder had been rubbed with paprika oil, rosemary, thyme and lemon. The meat was fall apart tender. The black crustiness of the outside was contrasted by the succulent meat. There was crunch and tender meat. This was a great dish.

Smoked salmon came next, smoked for an hour it was thinly sliced and served with dill, lime and black pepper. The citrus flavours complimented the salmon.

The salmon

Beef short ribs were the final meat course. The short ribs had been cooked for over twelve hours. You could have cut the short ribs with an ice block stick. Again the meat was fall apart tender. It was char blackened on the outside, and pink in the middle. A superbly cooked piece of meat. By rubbing the meat prior to cooking, it seals in the goodness and flavour, you also get the complimentary tastes and sensations of crackly blackened char and pink, slightly red meat. All in all it was yum yum.

The short rib

With full bellies we were replete for the evening. However our host said – “Wait there is more.” A full dessert plate came out, it contained lemon meringue slice, pumpkin pie, a layer fudge brownie on a biscuit base with a marshmallow top, and a cheery pie. We could not eat these and took them home in a doggy bag. I took these to work the following day.

The dessert selection

Pickle and Pie put on a great evening. I really enjoyed it. Having Tim the chef talk about each dish added to enjoyment.

Tim Tracey, head chef, did say that Wellington on a Plate has been frenetic. On day one, Pickle and Pie served a hundred burgers. Word has got out about the quality of the roast New York strip loin with horseradish aioli on a salted pretzel bun, with dipping gravy and crinkle-cut fries. On the day we were there they had sold 305  burgers. It has been busy, busy, busy. Pickle and Pie is a great emporium of fantastic tasting food and the wall of jarred pickles and relishes. I thoroughly recommend a visit. My wife and I have decided to go back for more next weekend.

My favourite dish of the evening were the lamb shoulder and pastrami sandwich. My wife’s favourite dish was the short ribs. If you are smart, you will drop in and leave with your taste buds satiated.

Don Stevens http://www.donstevens.co.nz <![CDATA[New Zealand’s Sausage Capital – Tuatapere]]> http://donstevens.co.nz/?p=5736 2018-08-16T19:53:31Z 2018-08-15T05:12:30Z Continued]]> New Zealand’s Sausage Capital  – Tuatapere

A quick trip to Southland involved going to Tuatapere and then heading west….

This large, jaded sign welcomes you as you drive into Tuatapere  New Zealand’s Sausage Capital.

This tired sign harks back to the days of the Tuatapere’s famous sausage shop. In 2015 I wrote about its demise. Tuatapere is well worth a visit. We continued to head west, the rental car was not really designed to handle the uneven, rough gravel forestry roads, however all was good.

We ended the day in Bluff, having Bluff oysters and chips by the sea, looking out to Foveaux Strait – Te Ara a Kiwa.