Thai Sausages – Park Ave Quality Meats

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Thai Sausages – Park Ave Quality Meats

A you know one of my regular haunts is Park Avenue Quality Meats in Avalon, Lower Hutt. One thing I like about my favourite butcher’s shop is that you never know what will be in the cabinet when you enter the store. Gordon the head butcher will make a particular sausage if you supply the recipe. Someone was keen for a Thai sausage recently and brought in a recipe. This is a fermented pork sausage, similar to chorizo criollo. Added to the meat are kaffir lime leaves, palm sugar, galangal, lemon grass, garlic and paprika. Galengal was a new spice to me, it is a peppery ginger spice.

These sausages were cooked and eaten as part of our evening meal. As you would expect there are layers of flavour in this sausage, the lemon grass and galangal come through on the palate. You know you are eating a Thai inspired sausage.

I would describe this as an interesting sausage, worth trying, but is does not leave me with a sensation of I want to sample this again in the near future. It is not a poor sausage, rather the combination of flavours was not really to my liking. I am sure that there will be other sausage eaters who will like it more than me.

The key point of this post is – if want quality go to Park Avenue Quality Meats. The wide array of sausages and meats on display show the high quality skills in the craft of charcuterie that are bountiful in this butchers’ shop.


Cost per kilo: $25.99

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