Pork and Fennel Sausages – Zamora

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Pork and Fennel Sausages – Zamora

As a cold snap reminds you of winter’s power, what more could you ask for than a nice sausage meal on a colder winter’s night. Tonight for dinner we had stuffed capsicum with pork and fennel sausages made by Zamora.

These are fine medium ground sausage that are also dairy and gluten free. They are very good eating. The fennel is a subdued flavour and the casing is a natural.

I would put these sausages into the “very good” category of pork and fennel sausages. I would align the flavour to Island Bay Butchery’s pork and fennel sausage. L’Authentique’s pork and fennel has a stronger presence of fennel in the sausage, and this is my personal favourite. They only way for you to determine your preferred pork and fennel sausage is to try a variety and make your own mind up. You will not be disappointed by either of these quality snarlers.

I purchased these sausages form New World in Thorndon. Moore Wilson’s also stock Zamora sausages. A list of South Island stockists in available here.

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