Boudin Noir – Morcilla. L’Authentique Charcuterie

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Boudin Noir – Morcilla.   L’Authentique Charcuterie


Boudin Noir by L’Authenique  Charcuterie is a traditional French black pudding made without grain from free farmed meat. L’Authentique make petite, delicate sausages that are always good to eat. Boudin Noir, being a black pudding, or blood sausage is not everyone’s cup of tea, however I am always keen to sample black puddings. Morcilla is the Spanish word for a blood sausage.

The Boudin Noir needs to be handled with care. It has a soft sausage filling that means there is an element of fragility, so I cooked the Boudin Noir with care over a moderate heat. The Boudin Noir is made with pork blood, meat and onions. It is very different to most New Zealand black puddings that have grain or oats added to the mixture. The lack of a filler or binder necessitates the need for careful handling.

The Boudin Noir has a soft and crumbly texture. The onions in the sausage are a prominent element of the taste, along with the strong flavour of pepper. I enjoyed this sausage and would buy this again. My preference would be for a less prominent pepper flavour, however for those we are keen to sample the world of blood sausages the Boundin Noir is at the higher end on the continuum of quality.

The Boudin Noir is another fine example of sausages made by L’Authenique. The four Frenchmen who make L’Authenique had difficulty squeezing into a shipping crate to make their voyage to Aotearoa. However, it was worth it – they use quality cuts of free range meat to recreate French style charcuterie. They are not the cheapest sausages, although they are great value for money.

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