Boudin Noir – Akaroa Butchery and Deli

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Boudin Noir – Akaroa Butchery and Deli

The boudin noir from Akaroa Butchery and Deli won the Supreme Award in the Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition last year. As part of a trip to Christchurch we made a special trip to Akaroa to purchase this sausage. A pleasant drive to Akaroa and a visit to a quality butcher’s shop to purchase an award winning sausage meant it was going to be a good day.

When we arrived back in Wellington we went a barbecue where the boudin noir was cooked over a charcoal barbecue. I also took some chorizo criollo and kabonosy to the barbecue.

The boudin noir cooked up nicely. It needed to be handled with care. I do find that using charcoal is a great way to cook. When cut the boudin noir is soft and malleable, it is easily eaten. The boudin noir has pork, venison blood and onions in the listed ingredients. The contents of the sausage are of a mouli or pureed consistency. This is a very different style of black pudding due to both the consistency of the sausage filling and flavour. The flavour is smooth and velvety, there are elements of sweet and savoury present. The venison blood adds to the boudin noir’s flavour. Secondary flavours of onion and pepper are present. This is a sausage that will would appeal to a wider range of people. If you are seeking to sample black pudding, because you are a little unsure about eating a blood sausage, this could be a good sausage to sample.

Akaroa Butchery and Deli also sell the boudin noir in a jar. This is the filling of the sausage and can be used as a pate like spread.

If you are in Akaroa I would firmly recommend that you need to visit the Akaroa Butchery and Deli. They are a great butcher and my wife wishes they were closer to where we live. A couple of years ago we were in Akaroa during winter, you can read the reviews of that visit here and here (when they use to buy in the black pudding).

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