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Kabonosy  Park Ave Quality Meats

This is a medium texture sausage that is moderately spiced and smoked. My kids love this sausage. It is enjoyed by the whole family. Great for cooking and eating as a sauasge, or for use in sauasge based dishes.

This is one of my of my current favoutites.

Price per kg: $34.99

This was one of the first reviews I wrote – looking back at the quality of the review – it is poor. The same can not be said about kabonosy sausages. These are excellent smoky beef and pork snarlers. If you need a sausage that will appeal to the masses, this is my top recommendation. I have not met a person who after sampling kabonosy does not want to come back for more.  Who doesn’t like meaty smokiness?

Check out this comment from one of my daughter’s friends.

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