Don’s Sausage Awards 2013

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Don’s Sausage Awards 2013


A wide range of people who know I pen this sausage blog ask me, “What is your favourite sausage?” My response is, “That is like asking an oenophile what is their favourite wine? There are sausages for all occasions, and for all taste preferences. It is not a simple response. It all depends on what you are after.


Today a vegetarian work colleague asked me to recommend sausages for the barbie over the Christmas season. She wanted to know what to buy for her carnivorous family.


I thought I might make a few recommendations. So with a drum roll, flashing lights and rolling out the red carpet here are the Sausage Awards for 2013….
A plain meat sausage:
Winner: Dutch Braadworst – Park Avenue Quality Meats link
Runner Up – Harmony Wild Boar Sausage – Moore Wilsons link
A sausage with a little bit of spice and smokiness
Kabonosy – Park Avenue Quality Meats link
A sausage with more spice
Chorizo Coriollo – Park Avenue Quality Meats link
Hot and spicy
Sremska – Park Avenue Quality Meats link
A little bit of flavour
Pork and Fennel – Island Bay Butchery link
Chicken Sausage
Chicken Sausage – Island Bay Butchery
I have just realised I have never reviewed this sausages. No review, but they are best chicken sausages in Wellington.
I have now added a review link
Handmade Gourmet
Butifarra – made by Mariano’s Spanish Goods, sold by Moore Wilsons link
Pre cooked barbecue sausage
Turingia Bratwurst – Prestons Master Butchers link
Enjoy the barbies over summer. You will only know that your preference is by trying a wide variety and savouring the taste of quality sausages.
And for those of you still reading….
My favourite sausage in December 2013 is Chorizo Criollo.
Meri Kerihimete
Merry Christmas



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