Argentinian Chorizo

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Argentinian Chorizo


This is a new sausage made by Park Avenue Butchers. Gordon the chief sausage maker in this quality shop, started to make this sausage after an Argentinian customer provided the recipe. She was given this by her grandmother. The customer was delighted with the result, it tasted just like her family used to make.


I purchased nine of these. I cooked them prior to a day tramp into the Tauherenikau Valley with my sons and two of their mates. A quick trip up  to the old Dobson Hut site and then down into the Tauherenikau Valley. Eating sausages in the bush for lunch, next to a nice river, with the sun trying to break through the cloud and add a bit of spring heat to the day. A very pleasant ambiance. The sausages were good too. They are made with paprika, oregano, black pepper and garlic. The sausage has a medium texture. To get an authentic Argentinian sausage I should have cooked them barbecue style, over charcoal. I liked these sausages.
The kids found these sausages a bit too spicy. So I had more to eat. I brought some home and ate them the following day. A win-win situation.


There is an Argentinian sausage maker in Queenstown. I had a sausage he made at a market in January. Nicolas the sausage maker has a kiwi partner, he makes great sausages.  


Cost: $17.99 kilo  



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