Blackball Salami Company Pork Sausages

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Tonight’s Dinner with Blackball Salami Pork Sausages


Tonight I made pie from the new recipe book I got for my birthday. Dean Brettschneider’s cookbook Pie. This was a sausage, sun dried tomato and potato tart. I turned it into more of pie dish. I went down well with the family. They have requested I make it again. I was relatively easy to make. I had to cook the onions and garlic for an hour. I have never done this before, however the end result was they melted in the pie.


The sausage I used was Blackball Salami Company’s pork sausage. This is a regular sausage, ground fine. They were cooked and then the skins were removed, then they were fried with flour, sun dried tomatoes and tomato puree. I added fresh basil, salt and ground black pepper too. Before the pie goes into the oven mascarpone cheese is added in dollops to the pie. The pie was served with fresh asparagus and broccoli. I love the arrival of new season’s asparagus. This would be my favourite vegetable. Sprinkle a bit of parmesan cheese over the top and it makes great eating. And this is how it looked.


The pork sausages are fine, however they are a basic sausage that lack any punch or finesse. They are good to use in pie, however I would not choose them if I was eating a whole sausage.


Cost per kilo: $13.50


I brought these sausages at Moore Wilsons.

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