Belgian Traveller kicked out for smuggling sausages.

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Belgian Traveller kicked out for smuggling sausages.

A Belgian traveller was kicked out of New Zealand as he attempted to smuggle sausages into New Zealand. He knowing flouted the rules and this resulted in him being refused entry to New Zealand, and kicked out on the first flight back to Belgium.

He should have been aware of the many quality butchers in New Zealand. A good sausage is easily obtainable from plenty of fine butchers. If he came to Wellington I could have given him a guided tour of Park Ave Quality Meats, Island Bay Butchery, Cameron Harrison, Eastbourne Village Meats and Moore Wilsons, to name a few.

The photo released by customs of the smuggled contraband. I wonder if the traveller used a false bottom suitcase, or if he hid them somewhere else?

If you are coming to New Zealand, and want to know where to get the best sausages, read the blog, you will not be disappointed by the quality snarlers you will find. Being a Belgian kicked out on the first flight home is not a good option.

  1. tony birch

    Nice that you’ve included the Belgian flag – it’s good to know what other flags look like (and in truth, they usually look better than ours).

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