Pork Sausages – Akaroa Butchery and Deli

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Pork Sausages – Akaroa Butchery and Deli

At the Akaroa Butchery and Deli recently I purchased some pork sausages. We were in Christchurch for a long weekend and headed over to Akaroa to visit the butchery and deli.

The pork sausages were cooked for dinner along with chargrilled aubergine topped with bruschetta, and a raw vegetable salad. This meal was made upon our return to Wellington.

These pork sausages are made from free farmed pork. They are a medium to coarse grind which was pleasing to me. I like a bit of texture in my sausages. There were small chunks of meat that could be seen in the sausage. These pork sausages are very good eating. The daughter thought the sausages lack zing, but I informed her that a pork sausage maybe sweet and enjoyable but if you want zing, you need to try a different variety of snarler. These are very good pork sausages, a plain pork banger that will appeal to the masses.

The main purpose of the visit was to purchase some of 2017’s New Zealand champion sausage – Boudin Noir, this was reviewed in the previous post.

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