My favourite sausage shops

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Quality is hard to find. If you want to buy sausages in Wellington here are my favourites.

Park Ave Quality Meats

829 High St, Boulcott, Lower Hutt

These guys are good! This is the best purveyors of suasages in Wellington. They make a wide range of fantastic sausages. There is a Polish influence is in the sausages they make. I will review their range in later blog posts. I have said them they should market their sausages in other outlets. The response was; “We want to control the quality, if we increased the level of production then the quality may suffer.” I only discovered this shop when I was working in the Hutt Valley and drove past and saw the sign advertising Polish sausages. It is a gem of a shop that should be more widely known by sausage connoisseurs.

Moore Wilsons

Corner of Tory and College St, Te Aro

Moore Wilson Fresh is an emporium that sells a wide array of sausages. They bring on sausages from makers from a wide area. A good selection of quality sausages. They have fresh single sausages fro sale and also vacuum packaged sausages.

Island Bay Butchery

127 The Parade, Island Bay

One of the first butchers in Wellington to offer a wide range of quality sausages. More cabinet space is devoted to sausages than meat. The sign of a great sausage shop. Friendly staff, always willing to make a bigger order. Watch out for reviews of these sausages.

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