The best of the wurst from Nelson

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The best of the wurst from Nelson

My wife visited the market in Nelson were she purchased some of the best of the wurst. The sausage drums were beating and I had been informed by a reliable source that some great sausages could be obtained from the Saturday Market in Nelson. She obtained three examples of the best of the wurst, and brought these back to Wellington. The Bratwurst Grill that makes the wurst is run by Doris Faulhaber.

Last night we ate the smoked knobliener. Doris describes the sausage as a having coarse texture. I would describe the texture as a medium ground sausage. The sausage is hot and spiced with extra garlic, cayenne and caraway. There is heated complexity on the palate as you eat the wurst. The heat from the cayenne offers a bit of kick in the aftertaste. There is a judicious level of smokiness in this wurst to enhance and yummify the flavour. I consider that all smoke is good smoke. The influence of a frankfurter is seen in the making of this wurst. It is a tasty moderately to highly spcied smoked snarler. The daughter really liked them, I thought they were very good and I would eat them again.

My wife was in Nelson to visit Changing Threads, a Contemporary Fibre Arts exhibition. She had entered a piece she created during my time off work due to the dodgy leg. After my rescue and stay in hospital, I had 99 days at home, before I returned to work. This piece reflects both her tenacity in dealing with an invalid, and my tenacity in getting out of a tricky life threatening situation. The piece, “Survival Instincts” is pictured below.

So if you are in Nelson and want some of the best of the wurst pop along to the Saturday market. Watch out for more reviews form the Bratwurst Grill – Barvarian weisswurst and smoked bratwurst. Will they continue to be the best wurst in Nelson?

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