Catalan Pork at Aoraki

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Catalan Pork at Aoraki

It was time to head for the hills, and there is nothing better than the mountains of the South Island. I headed to Aoraki, the highest peak in New Zealand for some days of hills, vertical climbing and of course great food.

Aoraki, from the valley floor, Sealy Tarns are up a very steep ridge to the left.

There had been a reasonable snow fall in the days prior to my arrival at Aoraki. I had hoped to get to Mueller Hut, however an ice axe and crampons were recommended if you wanted to reach the hut. I made the Sealy Tarns, and the next ridge above the tarns. I was in snow that was knee deep at places.

Climbing up to the Sealy Tarns (small mountain lakes) on a gorgeous still day made you feel alive. The vista to Aoraki and Mt Sefton, and down the Hooker Glacier were magnificent.

I chanced upon this morsel waiting to be tasted while I was there. I identified this as a Catalan Pork Sausage made by Martinez Charcuteria Autentica. Martinez Charcuteria Autentica are based in Cromwell. This is a very good pork sausage. It is not tied, and ends of the sausage are open. The medium to coarsely ground sausage tastes of quality pork, there is a hint of white pepper and fennel. Pork is the dominant flavour. This a quality pork snarler that will be enjoyed by all.

A frozen tarn

The day included frozen tarns, snow, and the surprise of finding a great eating sausage. Every day in the hills is a great day, and this was one of the better ones.

Kei Aoraki matatū (stand tall like Aoraki)

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