The Great New Zealand Sausage Competition

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The Great New Zealand Sausage Competition

I had the pleasure of two days in Auckland judging at The Great New Zealand Sausage Awards recently. I was part of a panel that judged gourmet poultry and the ready of eat categories. There were some great sausages entered into the competition and it was a real challenge to identify the best sausages entered in each category.

Westmere Butchery won the gourmet chicken category with their Chicken, Bacon and Leek Sausage. The winning saveloy was made by The Kiwi Butcher Shop in New Plymouth.

The winner of the Supreme Award went to an Isterband sausage from Grey Lynn Butchers. This Swedish inspired sausage was noted for its technical brilliance and flavour.

This link to a newspaper article about the competition has a video of the awards process. At around forty-two seconds into the video there is even a shot of me as part of a judging panel (although you have to be quick to spot me in my black garb).

As we get into barbecue season, it is time to head to your local butcher and buy some quality sausages, a full list of awards winners is here.

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