Pork and Fennel Sausages – L’Authentique

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Pork and Fennel Sausages – L’Authentique

When I cooked pork and fennel sausages from L’Authentique using a UPAN, I went to link a previous review of these sausages within the post. To my surprise I had not reviewed these sausages. This is poor work on my part, an error I’m rectifying now.

The pork and fennel sausages cooked up nicely in the UPAN, they did need to be turned a couple of times. These sausages are petite and when cut they are medium to coarse grind. These are meaty sausages, as L’Authentique say on the packing, they are made with 98% free framed New Zealand pork – there is no filler, gluten or nitrites in these sausages. The fennel seeds are ground and added to the meat. This gives a dominant secondary flavour of fennel.

If you like a quality pork sausage, then you will enjoy these sausages. The level of fennel is more pronounced that Island Bay Butchery’s pork and fennel. My preference is L’Authentique’s pork and fennel sausage and my good wife heartily agrees. The key point is both sausages are quality products. And I would have to say these are my favourite pork and fennel sausage.

L’Authentique made a range of quality sausages and they have rightly won many awards in the Devro Great NZ Sausage Awards.

As the lock down continues and the social distancing becomes the norm you should enjoy quality food if you can. If you are after a range of great snarlers, check out one of the wide variety for L’Authentique. In Wellington they can be purchased form Moore Wilson’s and Thorndon New World.

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