Chicken Sausages with a Mild Zing

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Chicken Sausages with a Mild Zing

I was in Cameron Harrison buying some meat and spied a new variety of chicken sausage in the cabinet. The chilli chicken chipotle sausages caught my eye. These were prepared for dinner the following evening. On a cold winter’s day, a meal of roast veg and sausages hits the spot.

I roasted beetroot, potatoes and cauliflower. Green beans were gently boiled, and the snarlers were cooked in pan. The chilli chicken chipotle sausages are small snarlers, they are finely ground. The balance between the chicken and zing of the chilli and chipotle is achieved. They have a mild kick to them, however this is not overpowering. A very nice chicken sausage on a cold winter’s night. My wife thought they were good too. I would buy these again.

My favourite chicken sausage still remains The Fridge’s chicken, rocket and cashew sausage.

The cost per kilo of chilli chicken chipotle sausages is $24.99.

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