Brazilian Toscana Sausages – Grey Lynn Butchers

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Brazilian Toscana Sausages – Grey Lynn Butchers

I purchased these sausages when I was in Auckland, and they were cooked up prior to attending the WTA Womens’ Tennis Tournament at Stanley St. I cannot recall having previously sampled a Brazilian sausage so I am always keen to try something new. The woman who served me was vague and evasive when I asked what ingredients were used to make these snarlers. Clearly she was protecting their secret herbs and spices…..

I cooked these on the barbecue. They are a mildly flavoured sausage, I detected the flavours of garlic, coriander, a hint of stronger pepper, and maybe a pinch of mace. They are a solid banger that would be enjoyed by the masses. If you are after a sausage that has different flavours to your normal repertoire these are worth a try.

Eugene Bouchard

While at the tennis I was able to munch away on a quality sausage as we saw the rising star Coco Gauff and Eugene Bouchard both win their respective singles matches. Great tennis and very good sausages on a bright, sunny Auckland day.

Coco Gauff

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