Beef Steak and Onion Sausages – Blue Mountain Butchery, Tapanui

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Beef Steak and Onion Sausages – Blue Mountain Butchery, Tapanui

I was in Dunedin recently and visited the Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning near the Railway Station. It’s a great Farmers’ Market and it was a hive of activity on a warm summer’s day.

I purchased some beef steak and onion sausages from Blue Mountain Butchery. Vaughan the owner was selling the sausages and he informed me that he makes quality sausages, does not use a bowl cutter, and that all his sausages are gluten free. The true test in the tasting.

I cooked the sausages using a UPAN, see the following post.

These sausages are quality beef snarlers – the beef is the primary taste, the meat is a medium to fine grind, the onion is delicate on the palate along with a hint of pepper. My father came from Gore, near Tapanui. He would have loved them. These  sausages will appeal to people who like a traditional meaty sausage.

If you are in Tapanui or at the Dunedin Farmers’ Market, I would recommend that you swing past Blue Mountain Butchery’s stall and sample some of the small goods. You will not be disappointed.

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