Lamb, Rosemary and Garlic Sausages – The Fridge

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Lamb, Rosemary and Garlic Sausages – The Fridge

The next tourist attraction was The Fridge in Devon St. This is a butcher’s shop that caters for the discerning shopper. They do not sell the cheapest cuts of meat in town, but I’m sure that Mark the owner would say they  sell the best premium meat in the ‘Naki.

I arrived slightly before 10am, as I was heading back to Wellington. As Mark told me, “We are gentleman butchers and work gentleman’s hours.” This was in response to a question about what sausages they had for sale. At that point of the day there were none. However if I came back in half in hour then some would be ready. The wait was worth it.

I purchased some skinless sausages – this first review is the lamb, rosemary and garlic suasages. This are made of coarsely ground lamb shoulder, the ingredients are lamb, rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper. The sausage is held together by the lamb fat. The shop has been selling an increasing amount of skinless sausages and they tell me that some people cook these in a Weber. Me, I used a pan.

The sausages were very popular with the family. These are quality meaty sausages, the garlic flavour is slight and subdued, and there are elements of the rosemary, salt and pepper too. This is a cylinder of meaty goodness.

The family all agreed that on the next visit to New Plymouth I need to make sure that I visit The Fridge again and buy some more lamb, rosemary and garlic sausages.

Cost per kilo: $24.50

My favourite Fridge Sausage is the chicken, rocket and cashew sausage, as I wrote in June 2016 – Is this NZ’s best chicken sausage? Unfortunately the gentleman butchers were yet to make another batch, however I stand by the question I posed last year.

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