Lamb Merguez Sausages – The Fridge

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Lamb Merguez Sausages – The Fridge

If you refer to the two previous posts, you will see that I was in New Plymouth for a visit. The family looked forward to a second evening meal of sausages from The Fridge. This time it was lamb merguez skinless sausages.

Lamb merguez sausages are made from coarsely ground lamb shoulder. Cumin and coriander seeds are toasted and then ground to be added to mixture. Harissa and garlic are added to add complexity to flavour.

The lamb merguez sausages were cooked and a raw food salad was prepared to accompany the sausages. The meatiness of the sausage is complimented by the dominant secondary flavour of harissa, a lesser degree of cumin and coriander are also present. Once again the family were satisfied by the quality sausage they had eaten for dinner and are looking forward to having more after the next visit.

I would buy these again.

On aspect of The Fridge that is worth viewing is the impressive butcher’s block behind the counter. Mark the owner, shipped this back to New Plymouth when he relocated from London. As a frequenter of butcher’s shops around the country I would have to say it is the most impressive block I have seen. Go and check it out.

Cost per kilo: $24.50

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