NZ’s Best Chicken Sausages?

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While I was at The Fridge I purchased the two varieties of chicken sausage that were available.

The chicken with oregano and thyme is a very nice chicken sausage. It is a medium to finely ground sausage. Chicken is the primary flavour, the herbs supplement and add to the taste of the sausage – it is a quality chicken sausage. The challenge in making a chicken sausage is to get it to taste like chicken. Too many chicken sausages taste like chicken flavouring. The Fridge achieves the “tastes like chicken” test and they do this by using free range chicken meat as the primary ingredient in the snarler.

The Fridge Chicken rocket 2


The second sausage I brought was the chicken, rocket and cashew snarler. In the time I have writing the blog – nearly three years, I consider this to best the best chicken sausage I have eaten. Here is a link to my initial review. Why are these the best chicken sausages? I put this down to the chicken meat being the dominant flavour; the texture of the meat, a little coarse and chunky; the complementary taste of rockety pepper and cashew, the coarsely cut cashew adds texture to the palate. This all combines to make a fantastic chicken sausage – the best chicken sausage I have eaten since I established this blog. See a previous review. 

I consider that my writing style do not involve large levels of hyperbole, so when I make the statement they are best chicken sausages I have tasted since I started my blog, this statement is not made lightly.

My one hesitation is that I would prefer a greater amount of cashew in the sausage – I think it would improve this quality snarler by adding more texture.

If you are smart and you are in New Plymouth visit The Fridge at 47 Devon St, and buy some of these chicken snarlers.

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