Venison Herb and Garlic

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Venison Herb and Garlic


I was at the Island Bay Butchery recently and was keen to purchase the continental garlic sausages but unfortunately they had sold out. This is small sausage which is obviously popular – See review 9 September 2012.

So instead I brought some venison herb and garlic sausages. These are a good sausage. I asked what herbs they use in the sausage and the response I got from the butcher was that it was a “trade secret”. These sausages do have a garlic flavour and taste of some herbs but I can’t identify exactly what they are. The venison taste is not really overt, rather its more of a subtle taste. Some venison sausages have a really strong gamey taste, but these sausages are not like this. The sausages are a medium ground sausage. I will definately buy these again.

Cost per kilo: $19.95


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