The Punter Knows Best

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The punter knows best


Today I went to collect some of my holiday supplies of sausages from Park Ave Quality Meats. I had ordered 3 kilos of kolbaz sausages. I arrived at the shop around 10am. While people were not queuing onto the road, this situation was almost reached. There were 14 people in the shop. The counter allows roughly 4 people to be served at once. As I observed, people like quality and will support a business that meet their high expectations. It took a while to be served, most people were buying non sausage products and wait was worth it.
Out of the bag:


I will be taking the kolbaz away on holiday, my sons and I are also going tramping in Nelson Lakes National Park for 6-7 days. These sausages will be part of the diet while in the hills.
Cut up ready for packing. For a review of kolbaz see this link.

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