Frank’s Chicken Sausages

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Frank’s Chicken Sausages

I purchased Frank’s Chicken Sausages from New World in Thorndon. These sausages have mango and coconut added to the chicken meat for flavour. Made from free range chicken, the sausage has no fillers.  They are gluten free. The packing says the sausage is 83% chicken, 8% mango and 2% coconut.

These were cooked up for a shared lunch at work, and they disappeared quickly. These sausages are very sweet, the mango and chicken combine to produce one the sweeter sausages I have sampled.

I found these sausages to be too sweet, I would prefer Franks Chicken and Tarragon. However, if you have a sweeter palate, these could be the snarlers for you.


Cost: $10.49 for a packet of six sausages

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