Frank’s – Chicken and French Tarragon

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Frank’s – Chicken and French Tarragon

I was at Moore Wilsons and purchased chicken snarlers made by Frank’s. Frank’s is a Te Aroha based sausage maker who has migrated to New Zealand from Germany. As with many migrants, when he could not source the quality sausages he wanted to eat so he started making snarlers in the laundry of his house. He used a simple principle as his focus – don’t put things into our sausages or meat products that you would be too scared to eat or couldn’t recognise. With the use of free range premium cuts of meats and only the freshest ingredients, Frank set out to make the sausages he wanted to eat. Frank’s won the Cuisine Magazine Artisan Award in 2016.

I purchased the chicken and French tarragon sausages. They are a smaller than average sausage, almost breakfast sized. They are fine ground and you can see the flecks of the tarragon inside the sausage casing.

They are a pleasant to eat chicken sausages. I did find the fine grind and subdued flavour of the snarler not necessarily to my liking. I would have preferred more texture and punch in the flavour. The daughter thought they were great and asked when I would be purchasing more. I am sure that your average kiwi punter will like these. I would buy these again.

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