Whoop, Whoop, I found Zamora in Wellington

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Whoop, Whoop, I found Zamora in Wellington

I was at New World in Thorndon in the weekend and spied a packet of Zamora Chorizo Criollo on the shelf in the sausage section of the freezer. I can’t describe my excitement adequately. There were two packets on the shelf and regular readers will not be surprised that I brought both of them. Zamora are based in Queenstown. Nicolas and Matias are top quality butchers who immigrated here from South America. Their products reflect their South American heritage.

We ate the chorizo criollo for dinner and they were just as good as I remembered them. Chorizo criollo is a favourite sausage style of mine – there are elements of garlic, paprika and nutmeg combined with the pork and beef meat. Zamora make a more subtlety flavoured chorizo criollo than another favourite of mine from Park Avenue Quality Meats.  The Park Avenue chorizo criollo has bolder flavours. Which one would you prefer? The only option is to try both. Personally I prefer the bolder flavours of Park Avenue Quality Meats chorizo criollo.

The key point here is both sausages are top quality.

It made my day spying the Zamora product. I will be buying more in the future, if you don’t get to them first.

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