The Best Restaurant on Rakiura?

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The Best Restaurant on Rakiura?

While I completed part of the Northern Circuit on Rakiura, Stewart Island, I spent a night in Bungaree Hut. An amiable group of hunters were based in the hut for ten days. The bush korero between trampers said that the hunters would feed any trampers who were in the hut each evening.

On my night at Bungaree there were three trampers in the hut, along with the hunters. The hunters were disappointed – they had been there for five days and had not bagged a single deer. They had visited this hunting block many times previously and were always more successful than this.

Despite being no venison on the menu, they had caught some butterfish, blue cod and moki. Paua was also on the menu. Crayfish had been caught but were just under legal size and so were returned to the moana. A few hours after the boat returned from fishing,  the chefs John and David, from Bungaree Restaurant prepared paua fritters, paua steaks, sashimi, fish fritters, battered fish and a mixed fritter of paua and fish.

Paua Fritters


Fish and paua fritters, this was the best dish of the night.

Dean also made a pot of peas with Tuscan seasoning. He mentioned that these should also be part of the review. The ability to prepare dehy food is an important skill for anyone who intends to spend time in the bush.

Dean’s Tuscan peas

As evening fell, and the light levels got low, we talked about life, time in the hills and other tales. The kai and company were first rate. If you do happen to be going past Bunagree Hut, and Dean and his hunting mates are present, you will not be disappointed by the high quality of very fresh food served to those staying in the hut. Is this the best restaurant on Rakiura?

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