Don from Island Bay Butchery Hangs up the Knives

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Don from Island Bay Butchery Hangs up the Knives.

Saussie to see you go, says it all. After thirty years, Don Andrews the maestro butcher from Island Bay Butchery is hanging up his knives. Island Bay Butchery is one of the quality butchers in Wellington. The sausages made by Island Bay Butchery are guaranteed to make you happy. I have reviewed many of these sausages over the years and their chicken sausage and black pudding are my favourites.



In the past I used to be called by Island Bay Butchery and given a sample of new sausages they were creating. They wanted my feedback on the new product. One sausage I gave quite negative feedback about – it was all about the balance of complementary flavours in a hotter and spicy sausage – and they never called me again. However, this does not detract from the years of quality snarlers that have come out of the back of the shop.



The demise of quality butchers is sad to see. Gordon Wood from Park Ave Quality Meats sold his shop a few years ago. I was pleased that Gordon was still able to make sausages for my daughter’s wedding last December. He still has the butcher’s magic in his knives and hands. Don Andrews hanging up the knives means one less quality butcher’s shop in Wellington. You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement. Haere rā.

  1. Kay

    I did not realise that Gordon had done a special run of sausages for the family event.
    The sausages were beautifully crafted, and then your expertise on the bbq was beyond excellent.
    Many mouths were feed, and happy tummy’s filled…. Again.

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