Woody’s Pork and Feta Sausages, and a trip to Cattle Ridge

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Woody’s Pork and Feta Sausages, and a trip to Cattle Ridge

Woody’s Farm near Levin raise pigs ethically, with the aim of producing a premium pork product. This is clearly achieved in these pork and feta sausages.

I headed into the hills on the sixth anniversary of my escapade on Girdlestone and decided to tramp to Cattle Ridge Hut. This involved leaving the road end at Putara, following the Mangatainoka River, before heading over a saddle into the headwaters of the Ruamahanga River, and past Roaring Stag Hut. It was then up the steep ascent of Cattle Ridge to the hut. It was a glorious time to be in the hills. Fantastic weather. The bush environment along with the sausages are great for the soul.

Looking down Cattle Ridge to the Ruamahanga River. If you zoom in on the photo you can see Roaring Stag Hut by the bend in the river.

Cattle Ridge Hut

This pork and feta snarler is a medium grind sausage. There are small chunks of Zany Zeus feta within the sausage. There is a slight hint of alliums, onion and garlic, to complement the dominant pork flavour, and the secondary flavour of feta. These are a very nice sausage that will appeal to a wide range of punters.

The fire in the hut.

I spent a night alone in the hut with a small fire and with hearty sausages for the evening meal. I even had a couple left over that were eaten for breakfast the following morning. To accompany the sausages I had a Radix dehy smokey barbecue rice.

If you are heading for the hills and want an above average sausage to munch, try Woody’s Pork and Feta.

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