Woody’s Goat and Red Pepper Sausages

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Woody’s Goat and Red Pepper Sausages

I purchased these sausages from Moore Wilsons. Woody’s aims to make ethically raised sausages and I rate the sausages made by Woody’s.

These goat and red pepper sausages are advertised as free range goat sausages with a kick. They cooked up nicely on a cold winter’s evening. They are a medium grind sausage. I prefer a chunkier texture sausage. The flavour of a slightly sweet gamey goat meat is complemented by the chunks of red pepper and a moderate taste of chilli.

I would not describe these sausages as having kick. Rather I would call them a nicely balanced sausage with the sweetness of goat and red pepper, with a moderate chilli taste to add complexity to palate.

If you are keen to sample a great goat sausage, get some of these snarlers to brighten your winter blues.

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