Chicken, Chilli and Lime Sausages – Well Hung Butchers

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Chicken, Chilli and Lime Sausages – Well Hung Butchers

These chicken, chilli and lime sausages were purchased at Well Hung Butchers while I was in Auckland judging at the Great NZ Sausage Competition. These are medium grind sausages and are larger than your average sized snarler. These sausages are gluten free.

Chilli is the dominant flavour in these sausages, chicken is the secondary flavour, with lime as the tertiary flavour. These are quality chicken sausages that will appeal to people who like a bit of citrus accompanied by a zing of heat on the palate.

If you are in Milford, or want to shop on line I would recommend a visit to Well Hung.

Cost per kilo: $22.99

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