Waitoa Free Range Chicken Sausages

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Waitoa Free Range Chicken Sausages

I was at my local supermarket and spied this in the sausage section so I purchased some Waitoa free range chicken sausages for dinner. This is finely ground chicken sausage. The labelling says there is 74% chicken in the sausage, along with rice flour and a few other ingredients.


For dinner we had cucumber, bean sprouts, roast cauliflower and mushrooms, broccoli and chicken sausages. These sausages taste of chicken and are pretty average.  If you are after great chicken sausages then I suggest Island Bay Butchery chicken sausages or The Fridge’s chicken sausages.

A short ordinary review for sausages that do not rise to any great heights.

I would not buy these again.

Cost: $9.90 for the packet of six sausages.

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