Chorizo on Kapiti Island

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Chorizo on Kapiti Island

I brought some chorizo back from Raglan. I consider this to be the best sausage made by Top Cut Butchery in Raglan. My wife gave me a trip to Kapiti Island as a Christmas present. This island off the coast, just north of Wellington, is a bird sanctuary. We camped overnight on Kapiti Island with Kapiti Island Nature Tours.

Of particular interest was the night walk looking to see little spotted kiwi. We saw one within thirty metres of the camp site. We also another kiwi later in the evening very close to our tent. Quite a thrill to see them in the wild. David, a visitor form England took this photo – a red light is used to view the kiwi, this explains the red hue in the photo. I took the remainder of the shots.

There were also…..

Kaka – parrot – swooping in to pinch food from our pre-dinner nibbles

Keruru – wood pigeon – 50% larger than on the mainland and foraging for grass seed on the ground

Kakariki – parakeet – again this forages for seeds on the ground, on the mainland, this means death to the bird due to introduced predators

Tieke – saddleback

Toutouwai – North Island robin

Weka – a wood hen

And as we walked over the island looking at birdlife, I munched on the chorizo from Raglan. An excellent experience.

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