Chicken, Brie and Plum Sausages – Well Hung Butchers

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Chicken, Brie and Plum Sausages – Well Hung Butchers

While I was judging at the Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition, there was a butcher in the group of judges at the other end of the large table. He is one of the owners of Well Hung Butchers based in Milford. As we talked about sausages he mentioned that their chicken, brie and plum sausage are a good seller. Naturally I couldn’t resist a visit this very appealing butchers shop to purchase some.

Jamie, the butcher with the chicken, brie and plum sausages

If you are in Milford I would recommend a visit. The influence of Victor Churchill Butchers in Sydney can be seen in the layout and décor of the shop. It’s very impressive.

The sausages are made from chicken thighs and include the skin, to add to the fat content. A recipe that has four parts chicken and one part brie means that the brie complements the chicken and is a strong secondary flavour. The chunks of Black Doris plums add bursts of flavour. It’s an enjoyable sausage and easy to understand why it sells so well.

The sausages were accompanied by roast capsicum and cauliflower, along with a salad.

All the sausages from Well Hung Butchers are larger than your average snarler, which is of course very positive from my perspective. These sausages are very good chicken sausages, I would rank them slightly below the Fridge’s Chicken Rocket and Cashew sausages. I would buy these again and look forward to visiting Well Hung Sausages when I am next in Auckland.

Cost per kilo: $21.99

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