Roast Chicken Chipolata – L’Authentique

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Roast Chicken Chipolata – L’Authentique

Variety is the spice of life, so for the second night in row we ate sausages. This time roast chicken chipolatas from L’Authentique and naturally I had high expectations when I cooked up these snarlers. As L’Authentique as say on their website, they bring a tradition of charcuterie and hand crafted quality free range meat to all they create. They do not use fillers, preservatives, nitrates or artificial flavours. All sausages made by L’Authentique are gluten free.

In contrast with the previous review, these are a bold chicken sausage. Chicken is the dominant flavour, which is supplemented with hints of lemon and garlic. These will be very appealing to the masses.

Another great product from L’Authentique which we will be eating again. I purchased these from New World Thorndon in Wellington. In the previous post you can see links to other reviews of L’Authentique sausages.

I did make an error in omitting to photograph the finished product. The delectable sausages were served with oven cooked capsicum, portobello mushrooms, and  blanched green beans. Yum yum!

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