Tres Magnifique – Le Petit Canard, Paris

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Tres Magnifique – Le Petit Canard, Paris

Tres magnifique to Le Petit Canard in Paris. As part of our sortie to Europe we ate at Le Petit Canard while in Paris. The Little Duck specialises in all things canard.

My wife ordered the duck l’orange, which she considered was exquisite and quite delicious. I ordered cassoulet, which included a duck sausage.

The cassoulet was superb. There were beans, a duck leg and thigh and nice juicy, chunky breakfast sized duck sausages. The sausage was a medium grind breakfast sized snarler. It had a slight element of citrus acidity to add to the flavour. I thought the cassoulet was a great dish that I would highly recommend.

My wife and I agreed that we thought this was the most enjoyable meal of the trip. The ambiance of this restaurant, in a side street in Paris, limited English from the waitress, even  more limited French from the kiwi diners, the rest of the restaurant speaking French, but most importantly, fine food – tres magnifque to Le Petite Canard.

If you are up near Monmartre during your visit to Paris, I would recommend checking out The Little Duck. We eat there on a Monday night with what looked to be the locals of the area including one family of three generations. Many groups of people were turned away as Le Petit Canard only has eight tables – check out Trip Advisor and make a booking. It is a popular and charming spot.

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