Homemade Paua Sausages

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Homemade Paua Sausages

This weekend I decided to make some homemade paua sausages after my wife was given the paua by a colleague. To non New Zealand readers of the blog, paua is called abalone elsewhere in the world. The recipe I created used 4 minced paua (500g), 1000g pork shoulder, a cooked onion, and 100g breadcrumbs to make these snarlers.


We had friends over for dinner and I cooked the homemade paua sausages as an entrée. They were very popular so I cooked the rest of the homemade paua sausages and we feasted upon them. Having a good quantity of paua in the sausages meant the paua flavour was dominant. They were appreciatively received as you can see by this Facebook post.

For the main course I had cooked a slow roast leg of lamb. I cooked this lamb at a hundred degrees Celsius for nine hours. I put the veges – parsnip, pumpkin, onion and potatoes, into the oven for four hours. This also went down a treat with guests. I have never cooked a roast for so long, but I would do this again.

For dessert my wife made baked cherry clafoutis – delicious.

If I come into some more paua I will definitely be keen to made more homemade paua sausages – and I have a ready set of family and friends keen to eat them with me.

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  1. Marcus

    Hi Don. Interesting post (as always). Thanks! I’ve ended up with a meat pack including diced lamb, pheasant and smoked chicken. Have you ever made anything with any of these. Interested to give it a go. Cheers.

    • Don Stevens

      You can make sausages with any meat product. The best way to do this is: have a smile on your face, give it a go and enjoy the process. I talk to butchers and other sausage makers, I am a beginner who has a lot to learn. Happy sausage making.

  2. Jeremy

    Hi Don
    I love paua on its own, sliced and fried in Aotearoa’s best butter in a pan or over the barbecue as a wee appetizer to homemade pizza, washed down with a tasty IPA. However these paua sausages look superb! Will have to give them a go this summer

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