Sausage Diet Produces Gold

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During the life of this sausage blog Sausage Boy has grown – up, up and up. He has benefited from a balanced diet – sausages, supplemented with bangers and snarlers. There were no steroids, human growth hormone or EPO. The advantages of this diet where seen over the last couple of days at the Maadi Cup, the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Championships. In the coxed quad the boys got bronze in the under 18 event, where the boys were rowing up an age group. Today the same crew rowed in the under 17 grade. With sausages powering them on, they blitzed the field to win gold.

This is incontrovertible evidence of the merits of the sausage diet.
photo (2)
In a rare moment Sausage Boy is even smiling, he is the rower on the far right (also known as the cox).

  1. Aunt of Sausage Boy

    Well done to Sausage Boy… And Sausage Father and Sausage Mother!!!!!

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