The Aussie Smoke Bloke

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The Aussie Smoke Bloke

I have experimented with hot smoking sausages which has resulted in varied results, but I’ve been keen to continue on my journey of smoking food. I had intended to make a cold smoker to extend my smoked goods repertoire but much to my surprise my wife came home with a cold smoker that she had spied in her travels. Watch this space for reports of my new best friend – The Aussie Smoke Bloke. He may be Australian but I will treat him with respect, provided he delivers on the smoke.

I have not made snarlers for a few months due to the stuffed leg so I’m thinking I may start out with smoking some cheese, garlic and other veges – watch the blog for more postings.

I had intended to test the smoke bloke today, however the incessant rain put paid to this – so why don’t I write a blog post instead….

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  1. The Bloke

    Hi Don,
    So, The Bloke made it across the ditch?
    I know you will get a good Aussie result. Bit like the cricket. Lol
    If I had known The Bloke was going to end up in the land of the Long white cloud I would have written the instructional ‘slowly’. Lol
    As I advise everyone, have a play with the Bloke and you’ll see what a well designed Aussie made cold smoke generator can achieve. Can’t wait to see those marvellous NZ trout fillets turned into cold smoked trout. I will be looking North for the smoke.
    Good smoking,
    The Bloke.

    • Don Stevens

      The Smoke Bloke came with an instruction book, it says on the front “It’s the best 10 minute read you’ll get.” I regard instruction manuals as things people read when they can’t figure out how to assemble or work the device. As The Bloke has identified, he needed to write it slowly for a Kiwi. I liked the pictures, and it took me an hour to read

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