Aorangi Undulator Sausages Materialise

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For those of you who read this blog, you may recall a posting in November 2014 about the Aorangi Undulator. Along with a running mate we supplied snarlers for the end of event barbecue. The organiser left them behind – the less said about this the better.


On Saturday I was at an interclub cross country race around the sand hills near Paraparaumu. I was informed that the sausages purchased for the Aorangi Undulator were being used on the barbecue and if I went over to the barbie I would get one. As I was running lap four in a four person teams’ race I just hoped there would still be some left.


Our team would never set the world on fire with athleticism, pace, speed or endurance. We do, however, have enthusiasm. The third leg runner and I informed our opening lap runner of the team tactics. They had to open up a large lead which we would either defend or fritter away. If this failed we were to bat first and only play shots to the leg side. The first leg runner failed to obey team instructions and we were well down in the pack. I wanted to come in under twenty minutes and had to really push it to finish my leg in 19.51. I was knackered.


It was great to have Park Avenue Dutch Braadworst with onions and white bread after a hard run. A superior sausage being sold as a fundraiser is a fantastic sight. Although they were at an event six months later than intended, they still tasted great.


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