A second visit to Westmere Butchery and on to Raglan

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A second visit to Westmere Butchery and on to Raglan


As we headed from the far north to Raglan we decided to go via Westmere Butchery to purchase some more sausages. On the list to purchase were pork and lemon; pork, blue cheese and walnut; and Italian Banderia. Westmere Butchery make a wide array of sausages and when we visited not one of the desired flavours were currently on display. The shop was busy and so we selected cracked pepper and Worcestershire sauce, chicken and cranberry, and Hellertau Stuntman sausages. With the sausages in a cold bag, it was off to Raglan.


We had booked a bach through the internet, and stayed at Pep’s Cottage in Raglan. This was a great house to stay for our sojourn, the view from the deck was magnificent.


My father had worked in Raglan briefly during the early 1970s. I remembered the harbour, the mud flats and rowing in a dinghy but not a lot else about the town. We lived a place that had a path down into the bush, this led to the long drop  that was the house’s toilet. It is interesting about what you recall after over forty years.


For the first night in Raglan we cooked the chicken and cranberry snarlers. These were eaten with fresh corn on the cob, a potato salad and a green salad.
The chicken and cranberry sausages are a fine grind quality chicken sausage with a slight hint of cranberry. They were pleasant eating, but were not outstanding. I would rate The Fridge, New Plymouth and Island Bay Butchery’s chicken sausages as superior to any of the chicken sausages we had eaten recently from Westmere Butchery.


As the sun went down and we ate our meal on the deck we looked forward with anticipation to our time in Raglan.


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