The Sausage Vessel

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The Sausage Vessel


It was my birthday and I was pleased to receive a frying pan as a gift. We had talked about getting a quality pan, with a nice heavy bottom, and a Teflon covering for use in the kitchen for some time. It will be well used. The first morsels of food cooked in the pan were, of course, some sausages.


I put on morning tea for my work colleagues. As part of the catering I cooked up three kabanosy, see link and three vension rost, see link, from Park Ave Quality Meats. These are two great sausages that I know will go down well as part of a mid morning snack. The kabonosy has very nice smoky flavour, it is well liked by all who try it. The venison rost is venison and pork sausage that has mild paprika seasoning for flavour. Again experience tells me it will be well liked by my colleagues.


It has been a bit hard to get into the kitchen recently. My wife is going through a bread baking obsession since she recently acquired a sourdough starter. A variety of loaves are being regularly produced. The sourdough has gone down well with the family.


The rye and raison bread is also well liked by one son.


However you can’t please all the people all the time. The other son has been asking when focaccia will be cooked. This has been the staple bread for many years and he thinks it’s a classic that should be revisited.


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