Gipps St Butcher’s Venison Sausage

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Gipps St Butcher’s Venison Sausages


This is the final report on the three different types of sausages I recently purchased from the Gipps St Butchers. These venison sausages are made of 80% venison and 20% pork. The shoulder of pork is used in making this sausage. In discussing this with the butcher he says you need to have the fat content from the pork to bind the meat together. It also reduces the gaminess of venison. The taste of these sausages has a piquant of venison, it is a venison sausage but does not have the full on venison flavour. The venison flavour does kick in as an aftertaste. It is a medium ground sausage.


My son thought that they were quite good, and he went back to another sausage. I would buy these again.


Cost per kilo: Need to add


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