Veal Bratwurst

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Veal Bratwurst


When I was at Island Bay Butchery recently I picked up some veal bratwurst. Veal is not a meat that I generally eat. To be honest I cannot remember when I last ate veal, or if I have eaten veal in the last few decades, it is not something that is part of our household’s diet. So any comments about the veal flavour need to read with this in mind.


These sausages were cooked up and the kids wanted to sample them. I ate one and then had another later on, and when I looked back to the plate there was about a quarter of a sausage left. Clearly the sausages where enjoyed by the whanau.


The butcher said they are good as a breakfast sausage. Well the problem was I cooked them later in the day so there were none left for dinner, let alone having some left to consume for breakfast.
These are very pleasant sausages that are different in flavour to nearly all the sausages I have reviewed on this blog. I assume the flavour of the veal is revealed in the taste of the sausage. It is very nice, delicate and tantalising on the palate. They are a finely ground sausage.


These are a very nice sausage that I would buy again. They are different to your average pork or beef banger, subtle to taste and not on the spicy spectrum. The kids liked them, always a good sign.


Cost per kilo: $17.95
And the camera is inconsistent, I have images of the cooked suasages, the blog tells me there is an error in uploading. Errrrr!

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