Cumberland Sausage – Blackball Salami Company

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Cumberland Sausage – Blackball Salami Company

I cooked these sausages up for a pre-dinner snack. They were purchased from Moore Wilsons and they all disappeared quite quickly. These sausages are good solid kiwi bangers. The Blackball Salami Company has made very good sausages over many years. If you go back a decade their smoked Hungarian sausage was my personal favourite. On visit to the West Coast of the South Island a couple of years ago, we made a special side trip to visit Blackball. When we visited the shop on a Saturday afternoon the shop had shut five minutes before we arrived. This meant a visit back to the shop the following day.
The website says the Cumberland sausage is “a pork sausage with a lingering heat created by peppers and nutmeg.” I would describe this as a pork sausage with a minimal, and I emphasise minimal, flavour of peppers and nutmeg. However this does not make it a poor tasting sausage.
The kids liked these sausages, and wolfed them down. The sausages were fresh out the pan, and they did spurt a bit of fat. Actually my daughter got fat on her new top which irritated her as she said the washing instructions, say dry clean only. Between gritted teeth she commented on the pleasant flavour of the sausage, and then had another one.

I would buy these again, however there are plenty of quality plain meat sausages in this price range. They are good but not outstanding.


Cost per kilo: $15.50


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